Ashby Castle Pre-Preparatory Department

Amazing facilities support children’s learning in their last year before starting school. The environment is organised to promote emerging independence and active learning.


Transmit a real enthusiasm for learning by planning plenty of opportunities for the children to explore, investigate, question, clarify a concept, solve a problem and evaluate.


Form excellent relationships with parents and work in close partnership to embrace a child’s uniqueness.


Respect and encourage children’s own ideas, imagination, inventiveness, and resourcefulness.


In this department each member of staff has responsibility for a key area of the Early Year Foundation Stage Curriculum. This allows for the staff to pursue their own specialism and develop a high level of understanding and professional awareness of the best ways to support children in their learning. Each child has their own key person and a base area where discussions and “circle times” are a feature of the day.


The extensive outdoor area is fabulous and full of interest and opportunities for active learning. It includes playhouses and role play dens, children’s allotments, an all weather safety surface, and lots of pets for the children to watch and care for!

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Management Team

The staff team, unusually for a nursery, includes qualified teachers, Early Years Professionals, and graduates. They have the skills and training required to support and foster effective learning. The well respected management team translate the vision of the owner perfectly and foster an environment where the turn over of staff is extremely small. There is a very strong team commitment, where professional development flourishes creating an atmosphere of innovation and shared vision.

Parents Views

"Every single member of staff deserves to feel proud for the energy, enthusism and kindness they show to every child. The positive development from our son is seen at home everyday. A massive well done to everyone!"

Mrs Patel

My son James leaves Ashby Castle tomorrow. This day seems to have come so quickly as it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since he started at the nursery when he was 16 months old.  When Natalie first showed us round, we couldn't compare Ashby Castle with any other nursery we had visited. Instantly, we had a great feeling and knew James would be happy there.
Throughout his time at the nursery and at the Pre prep, we have been overwhelmed by the support, commitment and dedication of the staff on a daily basis.  After a difficult start in life with his health, James has made the most incredible progress. This is thanks to all the staff who have worked with him.  His achievements, however big or small, have always been celebrated.  We feel that we have worked well as a team to meet his needs and when looking at steps forward.  So much time has been spent looking
after him with regard to his care plan and therefore, we have always known he was in safe hands.
The trips that have been offered to the children have been fantastic, as have the concerts that they've taken part in. We have seen James grow in confidence and develop a 'can do' attitude.

Mrs Leeson

Both of our daughters have been to Ashby Catsle Day Nursery, the youngest is now in the Pre-Prep. She has recently been diagnosed with Epilepsy and the staff at Ashby Castle Day Nursery have been a huge support. All her immediate carers and all senior staff went to Derby to be trained in both seizures and specialist medication. This was entirely their idea and it completely helped to put our minds at rest.

In addition to her Epilepsy, she suffers from food allergies and again the staff have been extremley supportive with the issue. She is offered alternative food should she be unable to eat the meal planned for the day. The staff also complete a food diary and seizure diary should we need to refer to it at all and we have regular email contact and meetings with them to discuss her progress. I feel confident and reassured leaving her at nursery.

Mrs P

My son has a severe allergic reaction to peanuts. This is always a constant concern for me, especially when he is not in my sight. The staff at Ashby Castle Day Nursery have made this worry disappear when he is in their care. With the implementation of dinner placemats advising all staff of his allergy, a medication box that follows him everywhere, three monthly reviews of his careplan and constant staff training this has allowed him to lead a normal nursery life. With their help he is very aware of his allergy but he doesn't let it hinder him.

Mrs C