Ashby Castle Day Nursery

This department has beautifully appointed rooms for the younger age ranges. The individual, age specific bases have fabulous facilities and a wealth of appropriate resources which fully reflect the needs of the children; a number of the rooms have direct access to outdoors.
50% of a child’s intelligence is developed by the age of 4 and so early, well prepared, child centred learning activities are essential. The staff plan a programme promoting a journey of discovery and are based aroundthe government stipulated Early YearsFoundation Stage Curriculum. Fine tuned,individualised planning, focuses on learningderived from a play based curriculum.


A wealth of systems such as CCTV, high level security fencing, coded locks, high handles and the use of vision panels all support the Nursery and Pre Prep policy to ensure children’s safety at all times.  


A strength of the nursery is the commitment to healthy eating and adopting a health conscious lifestyle. Wherever possible, locally produced and organic ingredients are sourced and all meals are prepared and cooked on site by the professional catering team. 

The Proprietor

Gail Hodgson B.Ed, JP, EYP.

My professional life is driven by the ethos of “quality”; this has a significant impact on the wealth and breadth of learning opportunities planned individually for each child, the interaction of the well qualified, experienced and consistent work force, and the provision of an environment rich with possibilities, challenge and excitement. I believe in supporting a “can do“ approach where achievements, however small, are praised and valued and a caring and positive atmosphere envelopes everyone.


I lead my team to start the important process of children becoming increasingly and confidently able to fully function in our ever challenging world. I have leadership skills and qualities derived from considerable and extensive experience which includes qualifications in early years education, training early years start and inspecting for Ofsted. I love my work; no greater gift could I be given than the ability and opportunity to truly make a difference to those children in my care.