Day Nursery and Pre Preparatory Fees

All three and four-year-olds are entitled to 15 hours per week of free early education for 38 weeks of the year (known as the free entitlement or Free Early Education Entitlement). Children become eligible for this funding from 1 September, 1 January or 1 April (the start of term) following their third birthday.

If eligable, you may be entitled to claim the extended funding of 30 hours per week. Please ask for the details of how to apply.


A child born between: Will be eligible for a funded place from:
1st April and 31st August The start of the Autumn Term following their 3rd birthday until statutory school age.
1st September and 31st December The start of the Spring Term following their 3rd birthday until statutory school age.
1st January and 31st March The start of the Summer Term following their 3rd birthday until statutory school age.


We claim the Free Early Education Entitlement for you. All you need to do is provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate and complete a simple form in order for us to make your claim.


The parameters of the free entitlement are set out in the Department for Education Code of Practice. Some of the main parameters are:


  • Sessions should be between a minimum of two-and-a-half hours and a maximum of 10 hours in one full day
  • The free hours can be used over at least three days (if the maximum 15 hours are taken);
  • Children qualify for the free hours over a period of no fewer than 38 weeks per year (this means that the free hours are available during school term-time only);
  • And the hours can be shared between a maximum of two childcare providers.


This funding is designed to encourage parents to bring their children to nursery for as much time as possible. These are crucial years in your child’s education as firm foundations laid at this stage will pay dividends when your child starts school. At Ashby Castle Day Nursery, we have a fantastic Pre Preparatory School and have won several awards, including “Outstanding” in all areas of care and education from Ofsted. For more information on how these hours can be delivered please do not hesitate to contact us at the nursery.


The Early Years Pupil Premium

Is your child eligable for additional funding?

It\'s quick and easy to find out if your can claim for your child, talk to your early years provider who will help you apply.




Please contact the nursery for details regarding fees. 


A £100.00 deposit is required at the time of booking. This is refunded if a full months notice is given, in writing, prior to a child leaving.


All children have free ‘settling in’ sessions prior to taking up a place at the nursery.

Fees are guaranteed for a period of
12 months.

The nursery is open 50 weeks of the year,
from 7.30am - 6pm and offers full day or sessional care.




The nursery closes at 5 pm on Thursday 19th April and re-opens on Wednesday 24th April 2019


The nursery closes at 5 pm on Friday 20th December and re-opens on Thursday 2nd January 2020


Children elligable to receive Government Funding for 2, 3 & 4 year olds can opt to take up a Term Time place.