Dumbles Woodland Classroom

The Dumbles

A unique and exciting addition to the facilities at Ashby Castle Day Nursery and Pre Prep is our “woodland classroom” based at Dumbles Wood, Willesley Woodside, Ashby de la Zouch, close to Hicks Lodge. This four acre, private, well screen and enclosed area of mixed woodland is visited by small groups of children, led by professionally qualified, degree status staff, fully qualified in woodland educational skills to leadership level. There is no additional charge for these activities and parents are fully appraised of all the legal documentation required to organise the transportation and delivery of such an inspiring programme and, of course, give their individual agreement for their child to participate.

Periodically, family picnics and sample learning sessions are held, giving parents the opportunity to view this innovative project. Activities planned are age appropriate and captivating for the children and encourage an increased awareness of the natural world, protection and care of our natural resources, knowledge of birds, animals, flora, fauna. There is an area for den building, a nature trail, literacy walk, first hand mathematical and science experiences, children’s picnic base and plenty of opportunity for fresh air and exercise! Children are provided with all in one waterproof outdoor suits and Wellington boots and the skills of cooperation, planning, sharing and recall will be part of the planned educational programme.


The schools our children attend after leaving us, all recognise our pupils as having confidence, thorough preparation, exceptional grounding and high attainment in the “early learning goals “.  This is an enviable reputation to achieve and one we are so very proud of.  We strive and endeavour to continue to build on our reputation to remain at the forefront of excellent practice and offer our children inspiring opportunities, full of awe, wonder and delight that make learning and play both focused and fun