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Staff Testimonials

August 2017

Claire Walster Nursery Officer - Baby Room One
March 2017

"Having worked for the nursery for over 10 years. i can honestly say it has been the most rewarding experience to work with an excellent team and a privilege to be given the opportunity to help with the development of the children in our care."

Laila Redford
Team Leader Toddler Room One
May 2013

"There is not a day that goes by where the children don't bring a smile to my face. Helping the children to develop, reach milestones and grow independence is so rewarding. Ashby Castle Day Nursery is an extremely professional and vibrant nursery with a very supportive management team. We are very lucky to have a wealth of resources and we only have to ask if anything is required. The experience and friendliness of the staff provides a warm and loving environment for the children, nurturing their development and building trusting relationships with parent/carers. Having two children myself who have attended the nursery I have experiences both roles as a parent and a member of staff, and I am very proud to be associated with Ashby Castle Day Nursery."

Amy Holmes
Room Leader - Baby Room Two
May 2013

"I have worked at the nursery for over 4 years now. Since working here I have been encouraged to do my NVQ level's 2 and 3 in childcare. It is very clean, bright and friendly environment and I was made to feel welcome. It is a very rewarding job, seeing the children progress and working with the parents to support their development. As a room leader in Baby Two, I like to provide fun and enjoyable activities, so that all children in my care get the best experience at nursery. We all work hard as a team in Baby Two to support every child's individual needs."